Thomas (Keates) Cates

Tuscaloosa County, AL


THOMAS (KEATES) CATES, (Revolutionary War Pension file S38109), was born 8 February 1758 and died 1 February 1848 . He applied for a pension in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama on 17 July 1826 for service as a private, corporal and sergeant in the 4th Regiment Maryland Line in Capt. Oddoms Company commanded by Colonel Samuel Smith and General Smallwood.
   He stated on his pension application that he first enlisted 28 January 1778 in Maryland and was discharged in 1781 in the State of North Carolina and he received no pay and only one suit of clothes. He stated that he was in many a bloody battle and was wounded 4 different times in battle. He said he was in that glorious battle at Stoney Point under the command of General Wayne, and could state many more battles in the South where he got his discharge.
   Thomas Cates stated that he was living in New Lexington, Alabama about 20 miles north of Tuscaloosa when he received his pension of $8.00 per month. He stated that when he enlisted they told him he was to receive a bounty of land, but he had never received it. He was twenty years old when he enlisted in the Continental Army.
   Thomas CATES married Martha (Patty) TRICE, daughter of Dr. John TRICE (also a Patriot) in Orange County, North Carolina, on 2 March 1784. She died 9 November 1832 in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, at age 72. They arrived in Putnam County, Georgia 20 February 1787 and on December 23, 1818 in the Alabama Territory, at the Falls of the Black Warrior (Tuscaloosa, Alabama).
   The Minutes of the Old Salem Baptist Church, New Lexington, Alabama, stated that he died 1 February 1848. The exact burial place of Thomas Cates (nor his wife, Martha) is not known. It is possible they are buried at Old Salem Church Cemetery, Boone Cemetery, or Espey Family Cemetery. Markers for Thomas and Martha Cates were placed in memory for them at the Wiley Espey Family Cemetery by Walter Espey DOCKERY. The cemetery is located on the old Espey home place , now owned by Mrs. Edmond NUCKOLS , located about 20 miles north of Tuscaloosa .

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Source: Walter Espey Dockery