How to

Become a Member of the


Why should I join the SAR?

You can become a member of an active organization of patriotic men brought together by their heritage and welded into an organization dedicated to the preservation of the Constitutional freedoms established by the founders of our Nation

As a member of the SAR, you will be able to take an active part in assuring your children of the same freedoms you have enjoyed

The local Chapters of the Society afford an opportunity to become acquainted with men in your own community with whom you have many common interests

Joining the SAR will afford you opportunities to serve your community - to whatever degree your time permits -in furthering patriotic education and in generating and preserving understanding and appreciation of the principles of Government which our forefathers established

SAR will guide you in researching your family lineage to establish your right to membership and once you become a member, will record and preserve this information, making if forever available to your descendants

Becoming a member.

Application for membership is made on standard forms furnished by the State Societies. These forms call for the place and date of birth and death of the Patriot ancestor and the names and dates of birth, of marriage and of death of ancestors in intervening generations.

There are no "at-large" members of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Applicants become members of the Society only through affiliation with a State SAR Society or with a Society in the District of Columbia, or in Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or other Societies which may be established outside of the United States.

If you believe that you may be eligible for SAR membership, contact one of our chapter officers for a membership application. You may click on this link to download an SAR application worksheet. In addition to receiving guidance in completing your application, you will be informed of fees, dues, and other pertinent information.

Patriotism in Action.

The multifaceted activities of the SAR give practical meaning to the objectives expressed in the SAR Constitution - Patriotic, Historical, Educational.

Whatever your special interests, or your vocational or professional background, you are welcome to participate in an activity in which you will find opportunities to make meaningful contributions supportive of the purposes of the Society.

National Committees - which have their counterparts at State and at Chapter levels - are dedicated to acquiring and preserving service records of individual Patriots of the Revolutionary War era; to identifying landmarks, and marking the scenes of historical events with appropriate memorials; to celebrating anniversaries of significant events and battles; to distributing to schools and displaying in many public places facsimiles of the Declaration of Independence and other Documents of Democracy; to encouraging public and governmental observance of important dates - Flag Day, Constitution Week, July 4th, and others; to awarding of Good Citizenship, Senior and Junior ROTC, Law Enforcement and other medals or certificates of recognition, including recognition of civil servants for superior performance of duties; to locating and marking grave of Revolutionary Patriots; to conducting historical oration and essay contests providing substantial scholarship awards; to providing both leadership and awards to Scouting; and, to providing assistance of many types to patients in Veterans Administration hospitals.